International Students and Extra Time in Exams

We are often asked by international students if they can receive access arrangements in university examinations. The short answer is yes, reasonable adjustments must be applied by law (2010 Equality Act) to everyone in the UK. The best way to establish if you are entitled to Access arrangements under the Act is to opt for an assessment with a suitably qualified professional. If you are studying in a university this will be an educational psychologist or a similarly well qualified person. The assessment we offer is known as the DSA Assessment, the reason being that there is a substantial grant given to UK residents who have educational needs as identified by a suitably qualified professional, known as the DSA. Access arrangements can take many forms but would usually include:

  • Extra time in examinations, usually 25%

  • The use of a PC in examinations

  • Assistance with reading examination questions

  • Extensions to coursework deadlines

The DSA assessment is a highly regulated assessment and is the standard assessment report required by universities across the UK, regardless of the status of the students, UK nationals or international students, regardless if the student applies for DSA or not. The simple way to think of it is that the DSA is the assessment you need if you are a university student in the UK, regardless of your funding status.

To see details of the DSA assessment follow this link: