painful handwriting

Handwriting is very painful in university examinations.

We are often asked by university students if they can use a PC in examinations. This is an example of they type of email enquiry we receive:

Dear Educational Psychologist,
I am a student currently in university, and am finding writing increasingly difficult. My writing grip has always been very tight, and I write with a lot of force. I’m finding it increasingly painful to write, as my grip is so tight my hand gets sore quite quickly and this causes my handwriting speed to become very slow. I would like to use a PC in my university examinations, can you help me?


Dear Student,
I am very happy to make this assessment and you are correct providing you have evidence from a suitably qualified professional then you are entitled to reasonable adjustments in examinations, in this case it is likely that the use of a PC would solve the problem, but an array of adjustments are possible.  

Our DSA assessment would be the most suitable for you: