Difficulties at Work.

Difficulties at Work.

To experience difficulties at work can be one of the most stressful life events, particularly if you have dependents and commitments.  Our practice borders with the City of London a huge financial centre where many people live and work, consequently we have received many requests to assess employees and have developed a thorough assessment for employees experiencing difficulties at work. 

If you find you:

·         Are less productive than peers

·         Find it difficult to read fast and accurately comprehend.

·         Have poor spelling skills.

·         Find it difficult to write reports.

·         Have difficultly concentrating in meetings.

·         Make silly mistakes.

·         Have difficulties organising your thoughts.

·         Have difficulty with number related activity.

In general clients request assessment for two main reasons, firstly confusion and secondly conflict. Clients or their employer may be confused as to why a valued employee appears to perform at a lower level than peers with respect to some occupational duties. A less frequent referral route is from solicitors and trade unions as well as individual clients as there is conflict at work about levels of performance. 

We have consistently found that the assessment process is a useful way of identifying causes behind occupational inefficiency and this has many benefits. Reasonable adjustments can be suggested which allow for focused intervention and supportive practice, that leads to good outcomes. The assessment process is also a very good opportunity for an employee to evaluate themselves against the demands of their workplace duties. 

Work related assessment fee £550  

You may find this video of interest.

If you would like to arrange for an assessment connected with difficulties at work please contact The Dyslexia Centre 0207 018 0210

See also: DSA assessment for those in adult education.