School Wont Recognise My Child's Special Needs!

Getting your child's special needs met in the UK

The courts have been debating the issue of educational psychologists and teachers/schools having a duty of care to those they teach and assess for years. The Phelps case (July 2000), Disability acts etc. mean nothing if the school won't recognise something is wrong. 

In general LEA run schools have quite limited budgets.The resources they do have available tend to be focused on children with the greatest and most obvious need.  

Often, we see children who raise parental concern because of underachievement relative to the child, not relative to the year group. So a very bright child reading at an average level and having difficulty completing independent written work to a standard commensurate with their ability, would not be sufficient cause for concern and trigger SEN support at school, but parents would be worried.  In these cases it is often best to seek independent advice and intervention.  

How to get your child's special needs met:

1. Assessment by a fully qualified Educational Psychologist.
2. Let the school have a copy of the report and recommendations.
3. Implementation of the recommendations. If school won't intervene then seek out an independent specialist teacher, try the BDA.