Paired Reading

Paired reading

Paired reading is a very powerful technique, particularly with children who have lost confidence.  The pair comprises a skilled reader and a learner; they read the text together. When the learner wants to take over reading they give a signal, usually by tapping on the page. It is best to ask the learner what signal they would like to use. The essence of this technique is that the learner can decide when to read, it therefore follows that there should be no pressure, overt or covert, for the learner to read.  This will allow confidence to develop, as there is no fear of failure.  

This technique can also be used to allow access to reading material that would ordinarily be beyond the learner.

Process of Paired Reading

  1. Read along with the learner
  2. Adjust your speed so that you stay together.
  3. Repeat each misread word until the learner reads it correctly.
  4. Look for a prearranged signal to indicate the learner wants to read an easier section alone.
  5. Stop reading along when the learner gives the signal
  6. If the learner makes an error: say the word correctly, and read along again until the learner signals you to stop.
  7. Praise the learner frequently for correct reading

Follow this link to see a video demonstration of paired reading