Dyscalculia Treatment And Intervention

If a child or adult has been diagnosed with dyscalculia or if they are experiencing difficulties with basic number processing then intervention is needed. Whilst there are well known, well used and recognised intervention plans and resources for dyslexic students the position with dyscalculia is less clear. If you are seeking to help a student with number processing difficulties access to an expert teacher with specialised training in the teaching of students with specific learning difficulties would be a good first step. Before appointing a specialist teacher it would be essential to discuss the approaches that they have found useful in the past and ask for an account of their depth and length of experience in dealing with dyscalculia. 

Some well tested and trailed resources are available such as the Oxford Publications Kinaesthetic Multiplication Table

The Davis Dyslexia approach to treatment of dyscalculia uses an array of approaches and makes much use of multi-sensory teaching methods, which some of our clients have found very effective.