Drug Misuse, A List Of Indicators

Signs of Drug Abuse

The misuse ofdrugs is a highly destructive event in the life of a teenager/young person and their family.  Generally speaking there is a period of time before families realise what is going on.  Naturally families go into denial and can't believe that this would be happening, this causes delay.  Time and time again it has been shown that early intervention is most likely to produce a favourable outcome. 

The following are well know and researched indicators.

1. Neglected appearance/hygiene  
2. Poor self image
3. Grades dropping
4. Violent outbursts at home
5. Frequent use of Eye Wash
6. Unexplained weight loss
7. Drug Paraphernalia and language
8. Slurred speech
9. Curfew violations
10. Running away
11. Skin abrasions
12. Hostility towards family members
13. Chemical breath
14.Glassy eyes
15.Red eyes
16.Valuables Missing
17. Possessing unexplained property often quite valuable
18. Stealing/borrowing money
19.Change in friends
20. Depression
21. Withdrawal
23.Reckless Behaviour
24.No Concern about future
25. Defiles Family Values
26. Disrespectful to parents
27. Lying/Deception
28. Sneaky behaviour
29. Disregards Consequences
30. Loss of Interest in healthy activities
31. Verbally abusive
32. Manipulative/Self-Centred
33. Lack of Motivation
34. Truancy

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