We offer a range of services: e-mail advice (free of charge), FREE dyscalculia screen, FREE reading screen,  FREE spelling testForm 8, diagnostic assessment for children and adults, DSA assessment, work related assessments and IQ Testing.

We have extensive experience in the assessment of reading, writing, spelling, specific learning difficulties, dyslexia, behaviour, anger management, ADD and ADHD, general learning difficulties, language delay and disorder, physical difficulties (dyspraxia screening), autistic spectrum disorder, and other disorders and syndromes.

If you are confused, our free e-mail advice service may be able to help.

Assessments take place in our newly built Dyslexia Centre in Hoxton, central London. Easy public transport links: Tube, over ground rail, and bus.  Free car parking in the evening and weekends. Telephone 0207 018 0210