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Confidentiality and Consent

All information provided as part of the e-mail consultation process, or in any dealings you have with Wadeson Street Dyslexia Centre, will be treated as totally confidential.  This includes your e-mail address.   We do provide information to the social investors who pay for and provide this service in terms of numbers and reasons for seeking advice and we may use the extracted trend data for academic research.  There would never be any direct quoting of your words in our feedback or research.  If you do not wish your mail to be processed in this way please let us know and it will be deleted after your mail is answered.

Duty of Care

Any professional working through this site fully, and without any reservations, accepts a duty of care with respect to the advice offered.  Advice will be offered in accordance with the information available at the time.


Advice via e-mail is provided on a no fee basis.  The bills are paid by a business Angel making a social investment, Wadeson Street Dyslexia Centre and the founding partners.

Advice Provider

Advice will be provided by a fully qualified and registered educational psychologist or specific learning difficulties trained teacher with a minimum of 10 years experience.

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